7 thoughts on “09/21/2011

  1. Whereas Quinn only ever asks one question:

    “Where’s the excitement?!”

    I foresee excitement in Darius’ future.

    1. And of course, she’s looking for “Fun Fun!” when she’s looking for Fun! 😉

      The problem is, she’s looking for trouble, whether she realizes it or not!

  2. Why is that girl always so cryptic? It’s reckless and is bound to get people into a bind.

    1. Flying raccoon that tears holes in reality to travel through slip-space. Self-explanatory.

    2. In other words: “Excitement!!”

  3. I’ve said it already, but I love expressions on this page*, Tiff. 🙂
    (* This and next two strips, I think.)

  4. I see a relationship comeing on… 😉

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