Page 12
1) Door, with dusty Cryogenics Lab on the top.
2) Mekussa uncertainly, staring at the door: I thought this research area had been terminated and moved.
· Ceigan: It was, but I had one subject left behind. He’s a prisoner from the Ridge Wars, 400 years ago.
· Mekussa: Why is he still here, Ceigan?
3) Ceigan: Quite simply, my dear, he’s going to cover our escape and destroy the abominations created from our work as well as most of their information and tools that only we have access to. Wiping it out would be far too simple. It would be better that it appears an … accident occurred.
4) Mekussa, jaw open in astonishment: Ceigan! Are you mad?! You want to revive a war prisoner??
5) Ceigan standing by cryogenic tube: Not just any war prisoner, but an elite wolf. I’m sure you remember the stories about Syrys Akaelae.
· Mekussa: … the … Syrys Akaelae? You have THE Syrys Akaelae in cryostasis??
· Ceigan: Yes, he was being stored here for study after interrogation, but we never really had the resources to revive and contain him.