Page 13
1. Mekussa unbelieving: Ceigan, I do not like this plan at all. Won’t there still be cubs here?
· Ceigan: Yes, Mekussa,… yours.
2. Mekussa wide eyed: … Ceigan …
3. Ceigan: I asked you to trust me, Mekussa. Let me tell you about Syrys Akaelae. Our history on him, of course, is biased. We’ve seen what the ruling class does with history when they get ahold of it. They’ve done an excellent job of maintaining rule through keeping the lower classes ignorant. They let them learn only what they deem is necessary.
· Syrys Akaelae is a wolf. According to the old books my father, his father and his father’s father kept,… under threat of death if they were ever discovered, wolves have never attacked our cities unprovoked. We, on the other hand, have covertly incited engagements. We have stolen from them. And this Syrys Akaelae? He’s going to go about doing what he was trained to do, destroy this facility and escape.