10/15/2004 (2 Comments)

Comics for October 15, 2004 - 10/15/2004

2 thoughts on “10/15/2004 (2 Comments)

  1. i like this comic quite a bit(no-angel), especialy since cesilee makes some deliciouse appearances in it but in my opinion on the part where stephen and sean and jules are stranded on earth where the comics transfer to color the scheme and look of the characters especialy sean look great but the 3d background is not as enticing at least to me,
    lol maybe its easier to make it that way than draw it out and color but i like the detail of your drawings better than the cg. but if the cg makes the comic easier to produce then by all means produce it. i also wonder if this comic will start again within this year or next?

  2. also the comments part for these older comics are lonely it seems.

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