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Page 2 1. Cilke turning on Calle: That’s a lie, Calle. You couldn’t have heard anything that the rest of us didn’t hear. Liar. · Calle: I heard Mekussa say it. · Cilke: You made it up. 2. Calle: You just don’t want to accept the fact that we’re leaving with Mekussa and you’re down here in this … horrible place. Alone. 3. Cilke by herself: … Is Mekussa abandoning us? 4. Mekussa sitting with Chatin: The care aids will come twice a day with food. You will be alone down here for the rest of the time. You remember what I showed you earlier and told you to do, Chatin? · Chatin: Yes, Mekussa, I can do it. *pause* Mekussa,… has the ‘time’ come? 5. Mekussa hugging Chatin: Three weeks and everything will be like it was before. I will find you. Don’t be afraid, Chatin,… some “times” are short.
I really enjoy just shading like this. And no, I did not make the background textures and such. They are brushes that I picked up from this site. I have several hundred brushes and ... don't recall where I get them all, but they are all available freely on the web. I keep forgetting to add the links to my sidebars to give proper credit. I'm beginning to figure out exactly what I am doing and the correct order to do it in. Normally, I letter first, then I shade. With Painter Essentials, it renders my lettering layers into files because it doesn't support fonts... which makes it a little time consuming to edit if I mispell something. :D So now, I do the backgrounds in photoshop, for the most part and then shade in painter, then back to photoshop for lettering. I'm far more comfortable with this than I was using Manga Studio. I had issues with Manga Studio's exporting and toning. I don't have to tone. It's not like I'm really doing Manga and well... there are so many people doing manga that it's fun to try something different and have a slightly fresher look since everyone's using the same tones over .. and over again.

5 thoughts on “10/21/2008 (5 Comments) (5 Comments)

  1. She’s soooooooo irritating 😀

  2. the worst thing you can do to a child…leave it behinf.

  3. *behind i meant

  4. Depends of what’s in front 😀 Just joking…. you’re right. Cubs can understand the reasons but they can’t avoid to feel abandoned 🙁

  5. Glad you’re updating this one, hope the cubs make it okay 😀 Though I doubt it 🙁

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