24 thoughts on “10/22/2010

  1. Oh, this is not good. No no no, not good! :-O

  2. poor Vincent and Sheana!

  3. not good are those the other students? Or is that the faculty..
    either way, this smells like a trap. A big dangerous trap

  4. As Admiral Akbar once said.. IT’S A TRAP!!

  5. Oh come now, I’m sure there is a perfectly reasonable innocent explanation. Like, they could be LARPing and really in character. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  6. I was afraid of this. I’m hoping that something tips off the cubs before it’s too late.

  7. It all comes down to that “make them come to us” bit of foreshadowing from the beginning of this comic. Although, the “make them come to us” was only implied by the invitations.

  8. this does not bode well.

  9. Oh snap…Celina just got over being cubnapped, and Rama has to stick his big muzzle into her life.

    …Wait…Celina just escaped from aliens by overpowering them…. Everything will be fine. No cause for panic….

    1. When did that happen? ._. I don’t remember anyone nabbing her.

      1. Hmmm. I think you need to go back and read Akaelae. http://cyantian.net/akaelae/

        Since it seems that you haven’t read it yet, I’ll just say that Akaelae includes a LOT of back story for Darius and other events in the Cyantian universe.

        Also, part of today’s comic has been bugging me and I finally put my finger on it. The gray wolf really has it bad. Not only was he ambushed, stripped, bound, gagged and then dropped behind a desk, but he’s also probably able to hear a cubnapping in progress while being unable to do anything about it.

        It gives me chills. Kudos to you Tiff, for building tension that dulls the knife when you try to cut it. It doesn’t/does help that the instigator of this situation is a complete monster with plans on breaking the cubs to his will. *shudders*

  10. Oh! I didn’t realize it was Sheana and Vin

    1. If that’s Vin, then why did they strip his clothes off? If you check the prior page, the brown wolf’s uniform is obviously too small for him, so it had to come from someone smaller. I can’t imagine a ranch letting a desk worker work in nothing but his fur.

      I don’t think those two are Sheana and Vin. The gray wolf looks too big and the yellow wolf is too light for Sheana’s color. Also, the yellow wolf’s hair is far too light, it’s cut in the wrong style and the fur pattern on the face doesn’t match Sheana’s. Plus, Celina only mentioned that Vin and Sheana “will be here”, not that they’d left earlier.

      I could be wrong, but I’m still pretty sure that this was the staff of the ranch and not Sheana and Vin. Although, If I’m right, that means Sheana and Vin are somewhere else, possibly already captured anyway.

      I’ve got a feeling that Tiff won’t tell us which is true so she doesn’t spoil the surprise.

    2. That’s probably the “real” staff of the ranch. The cubs are all still at the front door.

  11. i hope darius has his stick with him

  12. If thats vin…wheres his hair?

    oh dear, trouble ahead! Hope Darius brought his stick!

  13. Why bind them instead of killing them?

    We’re dealing with the bad guys after all.

    1. Indeed, they probably just left two eyewitnesses to tell the authorities who did this mess (in case it doesn’t fail anyway that is). But bad guys in this world seem to leave everyone alive even if does not really serve their own aims (so far we’ve 1 person killed in total)

      1. Actually, two people. Vin’s Mother and Oran. Other antagonists in this world have higher body counts. Shour Rashon killed dozens of elite foxes and ordered the deaths of cubs with the wrong fur color. Rama has instigated a war and caused all the deaths that resulted. Rama’s also done worse than that.

        In this case, the kidnappers probably don’t care if there are witnesses. They think they’ll be long gone with cubs in tow by the time anyone escapes or figures anything out.

        1. Possibility 3: Rama hired “contract” help for the occasion that specifically could not be traced back to him. Tracks he intends to erase anyway using his normal means for doing such,

          Also worth mentioning, when he killed Vin’s mother, instead of instructing his help to hide her body, he simply told them to dump it outside the city, where it could be easily found. Granted, Vin’s mom was a nobody, and these are the Akaelaes we are talking about; but, Rama’s disdain for the legal authorities runs about as deep as that for the family he hates.

        2. Rama’s amoral, but cunning. I don’t think he’ll kill too many hirelings. Although, that would only be pragmatism used to avoid a reputation.

          Rama also stated that he wanted to put Vin in a situation where Vin wanted/needed Rama’s help. Killing Vin’s mother was the start, even though it may backfire.

  14. Is that why that wolf dude was acting so…..idk….skittish?

    1. I’m willing to bet “yes”. Especially considering that upon further scrutiny, his uniform is noticeably small and ill fitting.

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