Dear Readers, If I don't say I'm not updating ... please nudge me if a comic does not appear. I likely FORGOT to upload it... like I did with all of last week's comics. :( I'm trying to make sure that I have these things listed on my task list right now, but I am easily distracted and my tablet is giving me lots of problems. I'm prolonging its life with canned air. :D Seriously ... I have to blow air into it once a week so it stops overheating as fast. Going to try to replace it with a 12" cintiq or another tablet PC, whichever one I can manage to get in a few months... after the other things are taken care of... I don't know how that's going to happen. It just took me half an hour just to get it to go to the RIGHT folder (after it decided that it needed to shut down), rename my files and upload them so you could get updates. :P So there are updates for the week I wasn't able to do comics. :D I'm annoyed.. but it's all well. I'm working on designs for Christmas ornaments right now. If you'd like to suggest a character, feel free to. When I'm ready to decide which ones I'm going to do, I'm going to poll first before preselling them to get the numbers. - Tiff

4 thoughts on “11/01/2010

  1. I see a Vin and a Sheana, so they did arrive earlier. Vin looks a little overwhelmed, but Sheana’s having fun. So far.

    The clues are building. I get the feeling it’s going to take a little while before they’re heeded. Nothing like a daring horse chase over rough ground, eh?

  2. Someone has to say it: DUN! DUN! DUUUNN!

  3. Vin looks a little upset/worried about something.
    isn’t that the red fox we saw Ramma talking to?

  4. @hariman-Indeed. I was a little worried about them.

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