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  1. Hmm, I wonder whats happening, it’s very shiny whatever it is.

  2. Whoa, did he just figure out how to use some top level Technomagery? If I remember right, Self teleportation has quite a bit of math to be going along with it, if Darrik is using it at an instinctual level, that’s some strong powers he has hidden under his tail.

  3. second thought… he might have gotten transported unwillingly..

  4. WOW, what’s was that? Darrik’s powers activated by a terrified Darrik? 😀

  5. Okay, so Darrik has mystical powers now. What’s next, he reappears with black and silver fur. That last part of the comment came from a personal project of mine, an on again off again novel I’m working on. But since it’s never gonna happen I thought I’d just send Tiff the character bios with a rough rundown of the story, which is all I really have.

  6. His powers finally show up

  7. Has Darrik’s powers made their first appearance?

  8. He’s probably in a tree. XD He was already jumpy and the ‘crack’ sound made him jump or teleport 20 or 30 feet into a tree. He’s probably up there latched around a branch.

  9. For those who don’t know, Darrik is a Black Fox, and Black Fox have special abilities of (if I recall correctly) energy manipulation.

    I think this is that power activating, in the form of some sort of voluntary teleportation (although he probably isn’t aware he’s the one that did it.)

    Alternately, the horse (or something else) may have found him, but I still think it’s Darrik’s doing..

  10. Actually, Darrik got eaten by a monster. This unfortunately will create a paradox (since Darrik exists in future comics) resulting in the space-time continuum ripping wide open and destroying us all in a flash. Either that or he divided by zero.

  11. When you can control the energy of the universe, you NEVER divide by Zero!

  12. oooohhh…did you have to spoil all the tension?

  13. Oh god! A Resonance Cascade! I told you it was unstable!!!

  14. Darrik got divided by zero. That or something so unexpected happened everyone is going to have those big eyes.
    Cartoonist and their cliffhangers

  15. Darrik’s powers activating is one (small) possibility. Although a black fox elite’s power is normally energy manipulation and not teleportation. Koyoti elites are the teleporters of the elites, so Darrik teleporting himself would be a surprise to me. Also, according to the shivaewiki, energy manipulation takes a lot of concentration to use.

    It might be Quinn playing a joke on the others. Although I’m not sure if that would explain the mysterious ball/burst of energy.

    There’s also the possibility of a stranger grabbing Darrik for some unknown reason. Who this might be and whether the intention is benign or malicious remains to be seen. Although I suspect that it might be the Koyoti/Fox hybrid Risk and that this incident might be part of why Silver doesn’t like Risk. Although that IS just a wild guess.

  16. Quinn, transporter, awakening of someones power. I also offer chess and video poker.

  17. Wait a minnit! I seem to remember that Darrik arrived on Cyantia by means of a Fox Transport beam.
    Maybe they found him again.
    That might be a bad thing…

  18. Very true, that is a possiblity. They must have been searching for his bio-sig, and since all foxes have similar bio-sigs it took them this long to locate him.

  19. I think Darrik arrived on Cyantia trough one of the portals. Not entirely voluntary.
    I’m also beginning to understand just why Darrik decided to live on earth by the time on Capus Safari.

  20. whoa! like a match… (o.0)

  21. Energy=mass, and mass=energy…
    simple physics. e=mc^2

  22. suddenly, I find myself reminded of “Bob and George.”

  23. All those possiblitties and we won`t know until it updates next.

  24. Hex, hon, considering Darrik’s likely mass, if he converted to energy, believe me, the yield would be an AWFUL lot more than just a flash of light. An awful lot more as in if it was JUST in the visual spectrum they’d be putting out grand forest fires for the next several weeks. A small mass equals a LOT of energy. Run the equation for 2 kilograms and compare it nicely to some low-yield nukes…

  25. I know, I just tried to give ANY explenation.

  26. MikaKyubi: You’re right. Which makes the possibility of a black fox simply converting an object held by an enemy into energy a frightening prospect. It gets even more frightening if they are a technomage, which amplifies/focuses a black fox’ powers.

    But I think this is a prankster in action, not anything truly malicious. Though I could be wrong.

  27. O.o Darrik has mad powers? O.o he looks great in the first panel btw. Love the shininess in 2nd =)

  28. he’s like: “screw you guys, I’m going home.” *poof*

    i seriously think it’s his powers being awakened by his subconscious.

  29. His fur looks all static-y. Standing on end.

  30. Mmmm… is more like a vortex. I still can see a bright ear in the middle 😀

  31. Since he is a black fox, he may be exhibiting a special ability. If he were a red fox, he would be standing there clutching his chest and yelling ‘It’s the big one Elizabeth!’

  32. Darrik is great!

  33. It’s the Yellow Flash! XD (Naruto reference)

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