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  1. You will believe a dog can climb trees. Though I think in Darrik’s situation, he jumped up there rather than climbed. Poor foxy. XD

  2. Well, gray foxes are quite adept at climbing trees, but I think Darrik may have generated a bit of an energy boost there to help.

  3. he doesn’t seem to be pleased with his situation… well, it’s Quinn, so what should I have expected…

  4. I love the look he gives Quinn. Tiff is a master of expressions. XD

  5. Jumpy Foxy 🙂

    And I suppose it makes sense – he grew up in a swamp full of alligators. Climbing trees in case of danger is a good idea. Not necessarily on Cyantia tough.

  6. HAHAHAHA! Darrik’s expression is PERFECT!

  7. LOL!!!

    Thats a look of Scorn! Thats the “I loath you” look.

  8. LOL!
    Darrik is a variant of the flying fox. The tree climbing fox.

  9. If looks could kill, Quinn might be slightly injured right now. Only slightly though!
    Hey when something surprises you you’d be surprised at what you can do! I won’t go into too many details of what i can do when something scares me. By the way, don’t go running in the woods in the middle of the night. Turns out you don’t notice the holes that are bigger then you! Pitfall trap ftl! It didn’t keep me trapped for long though…

  10. @ Stray
    I think she would be very dead… as dead as Quinn can get, that is.

  11. Why am I not surprised?

    Hex: No, Quinn would only be winged. Her happiness armor is up in full force! The only thing Quinn’s happiness armor can’t deflect are strange results on a placement exam and a Celina Beration. (As seem in Campus Safari.) Would that we could harness that happiness armor for the powers of good. We would be unstoppable.

    Apparently, Quinn broke a stick behind Darrik just to startle him. Or maybe by accident. Either way got a tree climbing record from our favorite fox.

  12. Well, that was unexpected.

  13. all I can say is ROFL!!!

  14. His poor tail!

  15. Awww poor foxy boy.
    But that “I hate you.. I really really do” look on his face is plain and simple priceless.

  16. Is the Fur Dye Bomb (TM) invented yet? 😀

    Granted, actually HITTING Quinn with one might be… difficult… but Darrik looks like he’s contemplating something along those lines…

  17. @ Hariman
    You’re right, didn’t thought if that 🙂

  18. I just HATE Quinn, she’s so darn annoying. It’s a part of her personality. Frankly, on the other hand, I don’t hate her XD

    But sometimes, when she does stuff like that, I want to stab her XD

  19. @Maru
    “Thats Quinn!”

  20. I think Darrik has in mind a “really really big” electric razor… what a killing look!! He is looking daggers at Quinn!! 😀

  21. Love the look! Rofl, he sure is a quick climber =P

  22. Darakh: I’m pretty sure that Ryalto, a Mars Academy RPG character invented the Fur Dye Bomb at Mars Academy sometime after Akaelae’s timeline. So no, no Fur Dye Bomb for Darrik to aim at Quinn.

    The trick to hitting Quinn with any prank is to keep her from sensing the prank on someone’s surface thoughts. This requires an unwitting distraction and the ability to cloud your own thoughts. Either that, or plant it on Gruff’s collar. You’d catch Quinn’s poor Griffon too, but she’d likely get caught in the FDB’s paint radius.

  23. Tree fox is not amused.

  24. Darrik looks as if he’s been doing that his whole life…

  25. Hahaha the gerbil-style disappearance! (You wouldn’t believe how fast those rodents can move!)

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