7 thoughts on “12/06/2010

  1. I wonder if Quinn is keeping an eye on Marion or if Quinn is looking into something else…

  2. Syrys seems a little annoyed.

    Wonder what Quinn has gone off and done now…..

  3. Look like Quinn has gone ‘walking(MTG reference).

  4. The one across from Cisco looks like he/she is gonna have their eyes pop out of their head.

    and aye, one must wonder with Quinn just what mischief is coming…

  5. Quinn is out finding more “secrets.”

    She will return when she has another half-dozen to house at the towers.

  6. The one with the bugged out eyes is Chai.

    Hmmm. Chatin and Collin are left to pair off with Amber and Lucas, Respectively. Maybe.

  7. Now Syrys, don’t get too upset. Quinn wouldn’t be Quinn if she didn’t do this kind of stuff.

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