Your Friday update was eaten by the holidays. So it’s now the Monday update as I try to finish the rest of the week’s updates today. I’m way off this week. My Ativ would not cooperate for most of it. It didn’t decide to act right until, of course, Sunday. 9.9 Not happy with it, but I have another plan to try.

My new plan is: Keep the stupid HP laptop I hate if I can manage to get it to display to the Ativ as an extended screen AND make use of the wacom technology IN the Ativ while running off the HP’s more powerful processor and more abundant RAM. Theoretically, this SHOULD work the same as my plugging the Yiynova into it. I’ll be testing that theory after I get a micro hdmi to hdmi cord, hopefully today. This is the wrong season to try to sell a laptop to actually make enough to buy a new one that I need. The one I’m looking at is $1,299, so I need at least $1,400 to cover shipping/taxes etc and if I want an extended warranty, those run another $200-$300. :/ I may just skip the warranty, even though they’ve come in handy numerous times.

– Tiff