I got them all DONE! Three Cyantian updates this week! Not sure about next week. Snow days are going to kill me. Well, ice days. The streets are a solid sheet of ice and so are all the flat surfaces. There were kids playing ice hockey where grass was just a few days before. The stuff doesn’t even break when I walk on it. 😀 I’m going to try NOT to think too much about things and just work. After I upload these, going to do some lettering, then spend the day locked in the bedroom doing pencils.

Laptop situation: Let’s see, so far, offers from obvious scammers and a guy who wanted to give me $350 for a $2,700 laptop. :/ I’m trying to avoid my daily breakdown and since I’m now having daily breakdowns of sheer frustration, I’ll probably order my new laptop in a week or two. Trying to hold off as long as possible, because I simply don’t want to do it until I sell the other laptop, but meanwhile, it’s really affecting my ability to work, which then slows me down even more. Trying to recognize it and stop doing that.

– Tiff