5 thoughts on “2014-03-12-Chapter-5-06

  1. Oh right, Acid Whips have an in-built flamethrower. Which are perfect for taking out enemies in enclosed positions. I do have to wonder what happened that saved Rico here. Although she really shouldn’t be taunting her enemy, that never ends well.

  2. I wonder if Rico’s genes were spliced with a tiger’s genes to get the stripes.

    Because it’s very catlike to taunt an enemy once you’re just out of its reach.

    Also, yeah. A mouthful of high proof booze and fire don’t mix. That acid whip is probably going to have a sore mouth in the morning. And who knows what else, when Ricochet is done with it.

    1. That’s provided that anything is left after something like that.

      Seeing that the booze was in an enclosed space of the acids whips body, that might have had more of an effect then a bit of singeing.

      1. I will not make the obvious joke.

        But, yeah. That might be very burny for the Acid Whip.

    2. If the booze were really that high-proof, I would fear for any Cyantian Immigrant that even takes a shot of it.

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