Applejack and Winona

This is a digitally colored piece I did of Applejack and Winona. (I realize, I see people write her name as Apple Jack and Applejack. I am using Applejack, because I like how it looks. :D ) I did this piece at 20" x 30" at 300 DPI. I have no idea why. It just ended up being that large. The background was an experiment that I enjoyed making and kept it simple. I wasn't able to get any printed until Saturday due to not having ink. I bought ink for my printer and other supplies, expecting to make that money back over the weekend at Nightmare Nights, since we had a good Friday. Unfortunately, Saturday and Sunday did not do well at all. After going over the numbers, realized my gamble ended up with us in the hole. :( Ink's pricey. I sold ONE print, gave away the awesome Pinkie Pie one I'll be showing off tomorrow to the charity auction and that was it for prints. I sold a lot of my notebooks and a lot of buttons. I have four giant 13" x 19" matte, thick posters with the 12" x 18" space printed on and the borders left in white. I have 8.5" x 11" printers and 4" x 6" prints. I don't normally offer the 'fanart' type of work up for sale online, but these were already printed and I need to recoup some of the cost. I'm selling for these prices: 13 x 19 - $20 + $3 shipping in the US. I have four-five of these. They ship rolled in a tube and you will be able to buy 2 for $30 of the same one or this one and the Pinkie Pie. (Please don't request if you're outside of the US, I've been so burned by shipping, I don't even want to think about the headache I'll have going to the post office.) 8.5 x 11 - $10 + $5 shipping in the US. I will have more prints. I have five of these. These will be shipping in stiff priority flat rate mailers, so you might see if there's anything else you want me to pack in them. 4 x 6 - $2.50 + $1 shipping in the US. Will ship in a catalog mailer most likely in a protective sleeve. Yeah, they're pricey, hoping to ship the big ones over these. :D But you can also combine them with the Pinkie one, which is, btw, awesome. Just message me and I can see your email to contact you back. - Tiff

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  1. Nuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh! The ponies have invaded here as well!

    Apple Jack!

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