Tracking funds: $50 of $775!

Thank you J. Armstrong!


Update… took a photo this morning and it’s now open. 🙁


Because I don’t have enough to deal with, this happened. On Thursday, my husband found this lump on our 9-year-old cat, Arya’s, front leg. It’s on her front right and it looks nasty. I took her to the vet on Friday and they did not like the look of it at all and are worried of infection/cancer/things that make them want to remove it ASAP. The vet visit was $200.  Taken care of.

Blood work will be $175 and the worry is that because of her age, they want to do the bloodwork before proceeding. They did offer to do the surgery without the bloodwork if I signed papers.  The surgery is $600. I don’t want to pay that without the blood work.

Otherwise, she’s in good shape, happy, healthy, normal.

My husband has chronic back pain, which he’s finally getting treated for, so timing is really terrible. If anyone wants to help, we would be very thankful. This is my daughter’s cat, and we adopted her as a kitten. My daughter is having a tough enough time with getting school work done without being told Arya’s condition. :/ We are not telling her anything at the moment.

I’m trying not to think too hard about this.

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