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Comics for November 25, 2004 - B - Why yes, I do intend to put text here ... again, but for now, enjoy your comic featuring multiple species of anthros on their own world!

5 thoughts on “B (3 Comments)

  1. that was Awesome!! But, um, just to clear this up, he killed vin’s mother too, right? i know it sounds a little stupid, but i’m really not clear on this. this is an awesome story, love the characters.

  2. Reap what you sow.

  3. WHY did he kill the mom? She didn’t do anything! She was just forced (sort of) to do what she did! Plus, she was pretty…

    1. She let someone abuse her child, while certainly not deserving death she WAS failing to protect her son and allowing him to be hurt by somebody. But honestly Rama only killed her because she was a loose end, an impediment to his plans to exploit his son for his personal gain.

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