Sorry … I lost track of the time and now that it’s nearing 11 pm and this is all I really have to show for it… this is a placeholder for tomorrow. There WILL be a comic update tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday. I just got bogged down in my own mistakes on Abby’s Agency. 😀

About the picture. That is a juvenile male Acid Whip and he should have more textured skin, but my tablet refused to texture it because the original file is twice as large as my usual files and I didn’t want to reduce it… since that’s what caused me problems with coloring Abby.

The leads are short, only because it’s set up on an automatic coil to shorten and lengthen it when necessary so that they don’t get tangled.  Leads are typically only used on juveniles until they learn their rider’s cues.  Riders do not use the same signals to communicate with their whips to avoid confusion.