Finally getting things settled!

Tomorrow.. I think I’m getting a shed. I have no idea if I really am or not. 😀 This week is the last week of school!

I am working on the next Cyantian Kickstarters. Plural, because I want to get two done this year. Possibly three.

The first one should be in July and will have Cyantian Chronicles V5, Darius V1, Vincent and Filaire V1 AND Campus Safari V1. All of my books going forward will be 7″ x 10″ in size instead of 6″ x 9″. Black and white books will be 150ish pages and color will be 100ish, but Darius V1 will be 130 something pages to get the WHOLE story in. It didn’t break neatly enough for my liking.

The SECOND one will be Draco Vulpes and will be done to pay for future updates.

The THIRD one should be Cyantian Chronicles V6, Akaelae V3, Campus Safari V2, and Genoworks Saga V1. This one will likely be in November. If I miss that, it will be run to end after January 1st so I won’t get hit by taxes before I can buy the books and get them shipped.

Oh and I have a coloring book/black and white art book to also print and maybe some other things. Extras will likely be 3″ x 3″ stickers, acrylic charms, holographic sparkle prints and bookmarks.

In the meantime, here’s the monthly: If you enjoy it, support it post! I depend heavily on patreon/ko-fi and my Amazon wish list to fund my work. This year, I would like to replace my Yiynova. Next year, I need to replace my desktop machine and build it from the ground up so I’m not dragging along and have the power I need to process files faster. Waiting on things to process, dealing with constant problems causing it to freeze up and crash, etc wastes a lot of my work time!

Support also pays for my storage, backups, domain registrations, server, general supplies, software upgrades and additions (my desktop publishing software is five+ years discontinued. 😀 ), FOOD and gas.

– Tiff