Wooo, updates!

Welp, Spring Break didn’t go like we planned, obviously. I am now stuck with my daughter at home for an undetermined amount of time most likely doing online learning and my husband will be working from home. We are all in the higher risk category and have been staying in since last week.  Now that there are actual cases in our town, I did a week’s worth of grocery shopping and we’re shut in.  I’ll probably have to order grocery pickup next time I go shopping. :/  Since I  normally bargain shop, obviously… I can’t do that anymore. I have to buy what’s available and what’s available isn’t.

Today’s our 21st wedding anniversary.  (I got us t-bones, big, huge t-bones.. mmmm… a whole $15 for dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn. Thankfully, Winco had them on sale, and everyone is stocking up on .99 cent chicken thighs.  Grabbed one of those too! My freezer is packed full of food. I got my toilet paper. 😉 I didn’t have to be one of those nutcases buying a hundred roles, because I got our normal amount for a few weeks.  I’m so glad I bought all those cans of progresso for under a dollar the prior weeks. 😀

Good luck and stay safe.

AS a reminder, I do have a nice dropbox folder full of exclusive comics and two almost completed novels, Blackwood and Shadowqueen. It’s only $3 and will help us out.  I don’ t have the ability of picking up one of the extra jobs available right now since I’m high risk. 🙁

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