#SpiderForest #Comic #Anthropomorphic Try this again. Splitting up some of the pages. Stuff just doesn’t stop, but hehe, Chatin has her hands full of upset cub!

I have begun updating my latest rough draft, Below, which follows a rabbit in Cyantia faced with a mystery involving his Fox friend, in which she is being blamed for accidents in their place of work, one of the massive spires that holds up a town. You can read it via my primary comic patreon or my writing patreon for as little as a dollar and it goes toward supporting my work. I and my family greatly appreciate the support. – Tiff


Campus Safari 20-04a

4 thoughts on “Campus Safari 20-04a

  1. She is about to learn just how clingy little kids can be.

    1. It wasn’t so long ago she was one or at least she should remember it, but yes particularly the frightened ones desperately in need of feeling safe.

  2. Cannonfodder10503

    So, since the races Ricael and Talin were created through the modification of animal and human DNA. The use of the notes from Exotica Genoworks could allow healthy hybrids among couples that normally could not naturally breed together. I don’t exactly know what happened to the information used by the corporation, but you would think that would be a use. Even if such couples are frowned upon. I would think it would be the easiest at least among the Ricael for the genetic material of a human partner to be easily modified to be acceptable. Since its been said that the Ricael can interbreed with humans. Though its incredibly unlikely due to being unable to detect pheromones.

  3. Cannonfodder10503

    I need to add a correction to my initial statement. It is the TALIN who are biologically compatible to Humans. I accidently put in Ricael by mistake.

    Continuing on with my thoughts, I have to wonder about the races produced by the Exotica Genoworks. Its been made clear that there are enough for some of them to form stable populations. However, I am uncertain as to how they are classified and wither or not hybrids are possible. As they are only associated with the Ricael and Talin based on how they walk.

    We also have the Were-creatures and the Shifters to consider. As Sage seems to show some interest in Clike. Though it might be happiness of having a future as a doctor.

    I’m just really curious on what type of hybrids could happen. Regardless if it will actually happen or not.

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