And now she has two!

I have begun updating my latest rough draft, Below, which follows a rabbit in Cyantia faced with a mystery involving his Fox friend, in which she is being blamed for accidents in their place of work, one of the massive spires that holds up a town. You can read it via my primary comic patreon or my writing patreon for as little as a dollar and it goes toward supporting my work. I and my family greatly appreciate the support. – Tiff

Campus Safari 20-04b #SpiderForest

6 thoughts on “Campus Safari 20-04b #SpiderForest

  1. Suddenly, baby sitting duties.

    1. Maybe she can pass them off to Jenny. 😉

  2. Cannonfodder10503

    Well just sit tight and hold the kids

  3. Well, they are just Innocent kids for now…
    But I sure she is thinking that she has just been handed two ticking Weapons of mass destruction, that could go off at any time.
    She is Scared, Unhappy, Condemned, and Knowingly Screwed.

  4. Hmmm, perhaps this will down the line get Chatin thinking about what she will be when the time comes when she becomes a mother? Given the chance with proper, supportive mate/husband, I believe she could be a excellent mother.

  5. These cub versions seem a lot different in this updated version than the original. Are they as “fragrant” as the original skupines were?

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