Life isn’t letting up right now.  I’m plugging along, but last week didn’t go how it was planned. 🙁  This week, we have the holidays.  I’m still working and have various pages at various stages.  I just need ONE week where everything goes right and I’ll be back in my usual schedule and not staring at a growing pile of work.


Thus, not making my usual monthly reminder post.  While there’s things I need, I would like things back on track before asking anything since I’ve been almost ground into a standstill and have an overnight trip to Little Rock coming up to pass Kim on to grandparents so she can spend a couple of weeks in Tennessee.


Bear’s safe. 😀  I had many nights of stressing out over if I was going to have to return him to the shelter for his behavior, but he’s improved so much with JUST getting his stomach settled and the individual care from an experienced trainer.  He still has behavior problems, but the fact that he wants to be scary and not actually hurt anyone is a point in his favor.   We’ve had him for four months and are already very attached to him.


Now, there IS one thing I am doing:  I have the original lineart for this piece that I’m going to post up for auction tomorrow, unless someone wants to make a good offer today.  I just want enough to cover taking my family to see Spider-man and maybe even get some popcorn.  I need to relax and not worry so much.


The piece is hand inked with a dip pen and brush on 9 x 12 bristol.  You can see the original in my twitter feed and I’ll post it to FA tomorrow for the auctioning.


  • Tiff