Campus Safari Chapter 14 1

Demon Archives by Dan Sharp- As Captain of the Keleres, Tenzin Dorje led his team to defend the people of Minerva from raiders and rival factions. But when a new enemy destroys the Keleres and seriously wounds Tenzin, he'll have to face his personal demons to restore peace to the region. October 20 by Marius Hjelseth- For 12 years, Catherine has suffered agony, isolation, loss and betrayal. Now, she faces her most formidable monster. Her own guilt. Get ready for the final chapter of October 20, as Catherine returns to where all her grief began. Along for the ride are a few surprise allies. And enemies. Arbalest by L. Potyondy-Edens - A reluctant monster with six months to live learns to transcend her role in an isolated, fearful village.

6 thoughts on “Campus Safari Chapter 14 1

  1. Me thinks that there is some less then great history between them.

  2. Is that Sage in his human form? Because I think the *real* question that needs answering is how did he do on his anatomy test? 😉

    1. Haha.. everyone keeps asking that… he made a perfect score, because he is dead serious about his future goals as a doctor. 😀

      1. …And now I’m feeling mildly concerned that I’m not the only person who’s asked that. Apparently test scores are Very Important to the people who read your comics. XD

        1. I suspect a fair number of Tiff’s followers are students. 😉

  3. He probably forgot humans have no tails

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