Campus Safari Chapter 18 01

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  1. Aww happy face! ^.^

  2. Should his ears have changed position between the bottom two panels??

    1. No, he’s not a canine. 😀

      1. Cat reactions aren’t that different.

        But I was thinking the same thing, unless he’s secretly nervous despite his excitement.

        But hey, animal mannerisms are something I spend A TON of energy on in my own writing, so I think about it way more than most readers.

        1. Yes, but his ears reflect his emotions properly right here. Overwhelmed. 😀

  3. Cannonfodder10503

    With humans and cynthians attending the college he can appear in whatever form he feels like and not feel like an outsider. Besides regardless of their circumstances they are human, being around others of their kind is reassuring for any social species.

  4. The Cyantians understand that a good education is the foundation of a fulfilling life. They understand that a well educated population is the foundation of a growing, thriving society. They probably also know, that individuals and society both function more fully when individuals are not saddled with crippling debt upon graduating.

    This is yet another way the Cyantians are a more advanced society than we are.

    1. While all the above mentions are true in their assistance to society, note that they are only sustainable in a society where energy and manufacturing, as well as the basic necessities of living, are for all intents and purposes free. Not necessarily truly post-scarcity, but the majority of the way to said state. This being said, this means you NEED a society where things like power, utilities, housing, medical care, basic food, and available transportation are essentially also provided by the society. That’s not so easy to maintain, though with sufficient automation and clean power generation IS possible.
      At this point, it is impossible to say how much of the Cyantian basic infrastructure was raised by them, how much of their tech and infrastructure were contributed by their makers, how much was contributed (even unintentionally) by the Ramuah/Squid, etc. What IS obvious is that such has been available for a significant amount of time prior to the commencement of the storyline.
      In short, I’m saying one can’t be sure how advanced the Cyantians REALLY are and how much is owed to others during their development. It’s easy to maintain something already in place and far harder to build such from the ground up.

      1. This kind of thing is also reliant on a SMALL population. It tends to fall apart and abuses increase the larger something gets like that. This is only free to Sage, because he’s a special case. Most of those at Mars Academy either had to PAY for it, have patrons who paid for them, or are really, really special and smart. 😀

        1. Cannonfodder10503

          Well she said it was part of the Ambassador program. Simply that on the Books Sage and his fellows are Earth Ambassadors, though they’re more like refugees due to their hunted status. Still it’s an option without strings until full contact with Earth has been made. Though I wonder how no one is noticing Mars’ terraforming.

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