So last week didn’t go the way it should have. I used Monday to unpack and reorganize my work area, which had been destroyed when my hubby knocked a bunch of stuff open and out in my storage closet last summer. I hadn’t had time to go through and fix it up until Monday. I was in a lot of pain on Monday and thought it was typical routine/post convention pains. Tuesday, I was finishing that up and tackling my weekly work, with increasing pains, then was in so much pain, went to bed early, FREEZING and with teeth chattering. I woke up several hours later realizing that: Oh, you might want to take your temperature. You’re REALLY HOT! And I was. Spent most of the night trying to figure out why I was burning up on one half my body while the other half was FREEZING. 😛 So Wednesday went to being sick and trying all day to get work done despite it. I’ve trudged along since then with a few other issues, including running Kim to the pediatrician on Thursday. 🙁 She fell asleep during class and we needed to get her in anyway to talk to her doctor. Nothing wrong with her. She just won’t sleep at night if she wakes up. There went several more hours. Put in there… I still need to go buy groceries… fold the three baskets of clothes I at LEAST managed to wash… and everything else and nothing got done like I wanted. Couldn’t stop it. But I did get everything up for THIS week!

– Tiff