Happy April Fools day! (Don’t fall for any false stories today!) Hope everyone had a good Easter/long weekend!

Ok, on to important matters. There is a poll on cyantian.net if you read this on the Campus Safari page. If you want me to run a kickstarter to get a plushy toy made, please tell me what you’d like. The options are for an 8 – 10 inch plush. I’m undecided at the moment and getting price quotes for samples. Samples will run $250, so THIS time, I’m going to run a Kickstarter to get the sample made, then another one to get the actual toys made if successful.

Your choices will be Quinn, Darius or Darius’ shivae, Gryphon. The Shivae design would be reused in the future as well. Gryphon is dark blue/black with a strip of bright orange/gold fur that goes from his chin down his belly. He will have a ribbon and likely a tag with a name of your choice on it.


– Tiff