So, on Saturday, I had a dental visit for routine cleaning and Xrays.  (I haven’t had dental insurance for awhile.)  I was asked if I had had periodontal disease in the past.  I did… five years ago when the dentist told me that all my teeth needed to be removed.  He fixed the periodontal disease, but I have massive bone loss and apparently the only thing that’s holding my teeth in is tarter below the gum line. 😛  I have DEEP pockets around my teeth, even though my gums are nice and healthy pink.  The bone beneath on the other hand… 50%-75% gone.  Lots of plates and partials in my family… and to top it off, they’re just now finding out that oh, people who were born prematurely (I was a month early) have lifelong dental FUN.  My teeth were very small to begin with, not much bigger than baby teeth.

After insurance, it’s only $1,800 for everything.  I say, it’s only… because I was fearing something more like $5K-$6K.  I don’t intend to start on this until June.  I kinda need a couple of months to get over the horror of having all my teeth removed and having to wear full dentures.  I’ve never actually HAD to have anything more than wisdom teeth removed or worked on. 🙁  No cavities, no fillings, no root canals.  I’m reading that this might improve other areas of my health, so it’s not all bad.

I’m typing this up, because when I start the next Kickstarter, I’ll probably use some of whatever comes off the top for this procedure.  Either that… or I’m going to end up running an Indiegogo for both Kim and I’s bills.  Nice thing is… I no longer need a dentist when they’re done.

– Tiff