Chapter 6 14

3 thoughts on “Chapter 6 14

  1. I take it that the horses are not fans of wolves, then?

  2. Rico’s Thoughts: More big stupid horse jerks! Why are all the horses we meet such jerks?!

    Also, I would joke that the horses look friendly and happy, but I’ve seen real horses with that expression on their face. And I remembered that Horses tend to kick each other when angered. And these horses are armed.

    So they don’t look friendly. They don’t look friendly at all.

  3. *Meanwhile back in the equids’ camp*
    Storyteller: And without warning, the red jiliac kicked her lover to death and proceeded to slaughter the great overseers. And that is why we fight the jiliacs.

    *Meanwhile Meanwhile*
    Cere: Why did I just get a cold chill?

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