Back and a bunch of comics are uploaded and my buffers are being rebuilt!  Yay!

Don’t forget to vote in the poll on the next story to cycle in.  Right now, Akaelae: Healing Touch is winning, by a lot.  That doesn’t surprise me.  Sometimes it takes awhile for a story to form and rushing them isn’t a good idea.  I began scripting this story when the first Akaelae story ended, but I had problems figuring out what I would do with it and who was to be involved.  I’m still working that out, but definite characters are: Syrys, Delia, Celina, Vincent, Collin, Quinn, and Marion.  The story takes place soon after Akaelae ends, but before Darius begins.  There are special focuses on Syrys, Celina, and Collin. 😀

  • Tiff