I realized if I didn’t get a Kickstarter going soon, I was going to have to wait until FEBRUARY to get it done!  So here it is!  The Cyantian Fall Kickstarter which involves the printing of The Cyantian Chronicles #4, Akaelae volume 1 and volume 2!

Ok, that’s nifty.  I’ve never had WordPress automatically link like that. 😀

This is my first set of full color graphic novels from Createspace and I’m working through the color, but I’m happy with them and will get my next proof on Thursday.  Akaelae #1 is done and in the proofing phase.  Akaelae #2 just needs a cover.  Cyantian Chronicles #4 needs a cover and some interior text and it will be done.  I have to get all these ordered as soon as money drops since it’ll be the end of the year. 😀

I should be adding charms for Lucian and Darrik this go around and be open to do a test charm for one lucky individual.  That is, a custom charm of YOUR character.  It will be 1.5″ in size and on clear acrylic, double sided.

Support now!  It’s a very small one at $600 and I don’t intend to add anything further than what I’m already doing.  I’ll save that for next year.