Darius returns! But the next update is an art update and THEN you get a new page. 😀 Chapter 12 takes place months later. (I have to go check my dates, but I believe it’s spring. Sometime during spring. 😉

Curatrix, Darius’ shivae is considerably bigger and big enough to be ridden. She’s had some wing work done, but she can’t use her wings. Yes, they have the technology to fix that, but they wouldn’t do it until she was fully grown, since otherwise, they’d be having to make constant adjustments instead of fixing it all at once. Curatrix still has some growing to do. Darius at his current height, will not be able to see over her back when she’s full grown.

Also note, there are many, many different breeds of Shivae. I decided to make Curatrix more of a mountainous type with a mane (Like Triv from Shivae! Vas has been sporting as I refine my comics and designs.)

– Tiff