Darius Chapter 17 11

Hurray! Another month has begun and a fresh new start awaits, please let this be the month I get where I need to be! Thank you so much for the support via Patreon and if you want to support in other ways, I am in need of a replacement stylus for my digital tablet. :( They're only $16, but things will be tight for us for awhile, because it sadly takes money to save money. Amazon Store - Need the XP-PEN PN02. After Bear managed to get the first one off a shelf a month ago, I've been guarding the second one... until it rolled off a table in the dark and I didn't realize it had until it was too late.  It's still functional, with a bit of wrapping around the middle of it, because he managed to chew off the buttons and it's not easy to use in general.

11 thoughts on “Darius Chapter 17 11

  1. Interesting. He gets a haircut as part of his punishment?

    1. Long hair is probably a symbol of some sort. Don’t think I’ve seen a single wolf who was over a certain age with short hair besides Vincent and it obviously wasn’t a good thing when it happened.

      1. If I remember correctly, long hair was considered a symbol of remembrance and defiance against the ‘squids’ who had enslaved them.

    2. It’s a sign that he done goofed. Darius’ hair tends to always be shorter than his peers’ because he gets it cut as punishment a lot. Long hair indicates someone who hasn’t gotten in serious trouble. This time, Darius has gotten it cut REALLY short to match the transgression.

  2. In the Army now!

  3. So I’ve been reading the comics on this site on and off again for years now. When I went to reread GenoWorks, there seemed to be chunks of the comic missing. Cause I remember that we saw Chitin and Satin leave with the Wolf during the fire and such. I’m sorry I can’t remember all the characters names.

    1. I’ll check on it. On occasion, parts of the archive are discovered to have drifted into other archives. 🙁

      1. Actually I was able to find the comic pages. I was clicking on the buttons and the Genoworks Saga only seems to be on book 2, had to click over archives to find book 1.

        Although I did have a problem with RandomRamblings when I clicked on it to start from the beginning it took me to Derrick’s story from when he was a child living in the swamp and it wouldn’t go to the other Ramblings.

        I don’t know if this is insulting or not, but should you ever decide to look back on Book 1 of Genoworks and other early comics, I think they’d benefit from remade pages in your current update style.

        Also take some of those pages and put them in the character section so we can look them up to learn about the world and the main characters.

        Final Question: Do the Humans on Cyantia think differently because they were modified by the Grey Aliens (forgot their names) so they’d be more compliant, because of all the different races they had to learn to live with, or some other reason?

        1. There is a comprhensive list of characters and world information on the wiki: http://www.shivae.org/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Cyantian_Chronicles

    2. Figured out the problem. There’s a Book 1 and a Book 2 of Genoworks Saga – apparently hitting first only takes you to the start of book 2. Book 1 begins here and I will go update the archive right now to get the proper links in. http://cyantian.net/comic/07012004/

  4. I guess Darius’s friends might distance from him because of this. I wonder if Sheana will still love him. Then again, I think his friends might stick with him and they might even cut their own hair to show how strong their friendship with him is. I hope that happens because it would put Alpha, Darius’s parents, and Syrys in their places. 🙂

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