Draco Vulpes 8 – 02

Happy Monday! I am incredibly busy this week, arrrrrgh. However, it's good to have stuff to get done. - Tiff

9 thoughts on “Draco Vulpes 8 – 02

  1. Didn’t know she smoked.

    1. So; Marlboro girl or Virginia Slims?

  2. Third panel is interesting; looks like Jenny’s lighting it off the end of her thumb-claw. Shades of “Young Frankenstein”!! 🙂

    1. Or like the Twilight Zone episode of the dead guy that came back to life, with the reveal a spirit possessed his remains when he lights a cigarette like that.

  3. Firefox in dark mode. So possibly a little slow too.

    1. HEEEEEEEY!!!

    2. This is an upvote.

  4. The whole lighting a cigarette with a finger flame trick has been seen in several strips. I went back and checked just to be sure.

    At any rate looks like the wolves from last night are back

  5. You’d think someone with enhanced senses wouldn’t be too keen to smoke, I can’t imagine many would be as stupid as Wolverine.

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