3 Days left to back the current Cyantian Chronicles Kickstarter.


I finished the Lucian charms today and will get to the Darrik ones tomorrow.  These will be DOUBLE SIDED CHARMS.  I’m going to go and pencil Campus Safari and Vincent on the nice warm couch when I finish this update!

I need to note this again:  Akaelae Volumes 1 and 2 are best picked up through the Kickstarter, because you can get both for $30, which includes shipping in the US.  Via Amazon they will be $40 (not by my choice).  As with all of my Kickstarters, you can order past books as well as the ones I’m working on.  If you have any questions, please ask!

Cyantian Chronicles #4 is also available.

There are two openings for custom charm creation which includes a full color commission of one character and charms of that character.

This is a smaller Kickstarter so my ultimate goal is $800. 😀  It’s at $716 right now, so not far to go.  I will likely take additional orders once the Kickstarter has ended since it’s fully funded and I won’t be able to order the books until the funds clear.  Books just require a little more work which will be completed this week.  This may cause Darius to not update and others while I make sure to get these finished and proofed.  There will be bumpy updating for the new few weeks.  I got derailed in November and a week long family obligation took me away from work.  It was fun, but I’m paying for it now. 🙁  I am doing my best to get back into my flow.

Oh and I’m actually hand inking Campus Safari this week!!! 😀 😀

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