I will be on vacation next week, so there will not be any comic updates, and just one art update. 😀 (Real vacation, not that fake thing I did in November.)

If you want to give us a gift, we’d really just like some padding in Kim’s paypal account we’re going to use to pay her upcoming round of medical bills. We need to unlock the debit card, since I found out the hospitals don’t do direct draft from bank accounts anymore and want debit/credit cards, and that takes $500, so if you want to give a gift, that would be great! The email to use is: shivae dot syke at gmail dot com. I will likely be doing a stream to put more in it, but I’ve decided not to stress myself out over it. Yes, she’s going to end up with over 9k in bills, but there’s no interest and I can pay on them monthly over killing myself with worry over paying thousand dollar bills all at once. :/ Got one yesterday for $1,600 for her last visit.. that’s just her VISIT to get an echo done, no surgery. :/ I hate these so much. I’ll be doing a streaming session next week to try to raise more funds to cover a few months of these bills without worry. Yes, you can also visit the Amazon page. 😀

This week’s Updates:

Monday – Gralen Cragg Hall
Wednesday – Sink or Swim
Friday – Genoworks Saga
Sunday – Vincent

*Vincent is a Patreon only comic. It began updating on 11/30! It costs as little as $1 a month to view and you’re helping support the comic! Those dollars add up and make for a happier, more productive artist.

Also on my Patreon, I’m going through my creative process and showing every step of it from conception to first production page! You can follow along and do your own and ask questions!

The name of the story is tenatively Dragon Guard. I may change that to something else.. like.. Clockwork Kitten or something ridiculous… because I’m mentally obsessed with a clockwork kitten in it that is only a thought at the moment.