If you enjoy my work, I depend on your support to continue doing it! Right now, I have a combination of numerous extra bills (School fees/sudden car battery replacement/etc this month. (Puppy was not part of this in case you’re wondering. I had a special arrangement to get him which involved a lot of art.) I also have a temporary lapse in income that puts me $200 short a month for awhile. Today is my usual shopping day and I have 8 days until pay day. Freezer food will get us almost there for dinners and I think I have enough for lunches, but I’m going to fall short on breakfast and gas. Since breakfast is pretty much always eggs (keto) and eggs are 50 cents a dozen, I just need a couple dozen eggs and a few other small things as the week goes on. šŸ˜€ My goal is $40.

There are two primary ways you can support, one through Patreon (UGH! I am NOT happy with Patreon) and the second is via Ko-fi which looks to be a better deal! They have a Gold plan that I may try out in the future that allows for something like Patreon without the underhanded tactics. I have to pay for that level and it’s $6 a month temporarily, looks like $9 regularly. $5 a month if pay for a year. This beats Patreon’s fees to pieces.

Patreon // Ko-fi

And if you don’t like any of those options, there’s always my Amazon store, but I don’t NEED anything… except gas and groceries. šŸ˜€ Anything else is a want.

My husband’s new schedule kicked in this week and it’s already been awesome in what I’m getting done! Right now, regathering myself again. I’m a morning person. I get the most done before noon. This way, I no longer have to leave the house i the middle of my work schedule. Now I just need to streamline breakfast/making lunches.

Thank you for reading this!

– Tiffany Ross