Genoworks Saga Chapter 1 10

8 thoughts on “Genoworks Saga Chapter 1 10

  1. Ah the number nine frying pan. Weapon of choice for those with nothing else at hand.

  2. And thus, the Scythetail was left forever wondering why he saw little bats circling his head that day.

  3. Well, it worked in Eating Raoul.

  4. Iron skillet: +1

    1. What the heck, how did I fall back into needing moderation again?

      1. I’m not sure. 🙁 It just seems to happen a lot over the last year. People who were approved, suddenly are set to moderated. I just try to approve them quickly. 😀

  5. Called it!
    All that frying pan needed was a full strength swing that connects. The impact note sounded aluminum, but skitter connected at full strength. That scythetail is now down for the count. When it wakes up, it will learn a valuable lesson. Wonder how Cort and his scythetail are getting along….

  6. He has a venomous bite?

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