Genoworks Saga Chapter 9 Page 1

10 thoughts on “Genoworks Saga Chapter 9 Page 1

  1. Quinn’s feeling better…

    1. They haven’t been rescued a day and she’s already making trouble. Why am I not surprised?

      Also: They might have been able to choose a better person to wake up to than the massive tiger lady with teeth. Lots of teeth.

  2. Of course, this comic pops up right after the “accident” in CS2.0 and I’m thinking that this has to do with CS, at first.

  3. “Don’t be afraid; you’re safe here,” said Dr. Teeth. 😉

    Chatin’s first question, “Did you find Cisco?!?”

    So who’s the cutie in panel one??

    1. I believe that’s Mekussa; the Fox that taught and took care of them. Kind of like a mother to them, I’d say.

      I think Chatin might be hearing the tiger’s voice when she’s asleep and being reminded of Mekussa, or something similar. So this struck me as the tiger seeming not so much scary and kind of familiar. Though Chatin’s probably also missing her ‘mom,’ and surprised when she sees someone else.

      (Also: The foxes also have teeth.)

      1. Okay; Thanks. That makes a lot of sense, and explains the misty background. Either some of you re-read these stories a lot, or you’ve got MUCH better memories than I do! 🙂

        (Fox teeth will be -much- smaller than a tiger’s. 😉 She’s also waking up to someone very different from and much bigger than she’s used to.)

        1. “A fox’s teeth are very sharp.”

  4. Seems too good to be true, I hope it’s not a dream.

  5. Second panel is too cute; love those ears!

  6. That fifth panel is SO CUTE!!! ^.^

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