Darrik’s mother is a goutouve warrior, her blue fur would dictate engineer/technology oriented careers, obviously, but those restrictions were a stereotype at the time she served in the gryphon guard ranks. 😀 His father was a high ranking black fox courier for the royal houses.

Guardians are the Fox name for ANY gryphon large enough to carry a fox mount. Shooting Star is a night time flier who are fast and not as silent as their stealthy cousins because of it. And for those of you who know how Gryphons on Cyantia can fly and noted this is Earth, the grounds where the portal used to be are rich in Cyantian metals and the creatures who live in that area are also full of it. It makes them larger than average earth creatures as a side affect. Gryphon bones hold their lifetime supply of this metal, so when it’s time to breed the gryphons the Swamp Fox have, they naturally go to a breeding ground that’s been set up in this area so they eat nothing but animals rich in the metals, which are then passed on to the chicks.

They are also fed meat from animals hunted in this area for the first six months of their life, when they do their most growing.

These Fox have a breeding population of 24 adult gryphons, 2/3rds of which are permanently mated to each other. The remainder are younger males and females who mate more freely at the discretion of their handlers. Records are kept. 🙂

– Tiff