I originally drew this to go on a button, but I do all my button designs at 10 x 10 @ 600 DPI, meaning they can be nicely printed at up to 20 x 20 inches in size. 😉 This is the layout for the 13 x 19 poster. Didn’t sell a single one! 😀 Oh well, I have them!

The idea to turn it into a cute joker card hit me as I tried to think of a background and it dawned on me, that I didn’t need a fancy background for this image. 😀

Regarding prior post, looked over things this morning with a clearer head to examine finances, we’re ok. We really didn’t make anything at Nightmare Nights, but it was a fun convention and it raised money for a good cause. That… and other dealers apparently had far worse business than we did and I feel worse for them. 🙁 It pushed me to make a bunch of new designs and test out my new table layout, which worked well, but still needs refining.

Yes, it’s available with the Applejack in a limited number.

– Tiff