I realize I FORGOT the update last week. Not sure where my head was. :/ Well, I know where it is and it’s a bit foggy.

This week’s Updates:

Monday – Gralen Cragg Hall
Wednesday – Sink or Swim
Friday – Genoworks Saga
Sunday – Vincent

*Vincent is a Patreon only comic. It began updating on 11/30! It costs as little as $1 a month to view and you’re helping support the comic! Those dollars add up and make for a happier, more productive artist.

Just a week left to participate in the current charm indiegogo and get it up to $500! (So I can get back the extra 5% Indiegogo charges if I don’t.) 😀

Also, don’t forget about the Shivae Studios Patreon where you can get the updates early (in their full page form) along with extra updates for the Vincent story!

We had a little emergency last Friday which disrupted things. We had to suddenly replace tires on our car after one went unfixably flat. $400 later, two new tires. Urgh, I hadn’t planned for them to be quite that much. It’s been over four years since the last time we bought new tires and they fee you to death. :/ I had figured $300. At the same time, Inkblazers folded and while they promised a triple payment as the last payment, that hasn’t materialized yet. 🙁 We’re also set back by site problems last month that cost us $100. Yeah, so overall, we’re $75 short after all that, so hoping to get that via the Indiegogo!

Now would be a nice time to sign up on Patreon or support the charm run! I only get to keep doing this as long as we keep up with the eating and bill paying.

– Tiff