Vincent and Filaire 2-04

It was there.... just not updating... ugh.. *edit* .... uuuuuuugh.. what the..... the image is there.

6 thoughts on “Vincent and Filaire 2-04

  1. I see an image. But maybe it was finally fixed by the time I got to it.

    Meanwhile, today’s trivial things I can’t help thinking about; She bought him boots, yet she is still basically bare-paw. I find this interesting.

    It is absolutely unimportant and the silliest thing, yet my mind won’t let go of it. *shrugs*

    1. Likely she has years of hiking on those paws. Even as poor as he grew up, he likely never spent more than a couple of hours in hard walking, so boots make sense. As some point he will probably start toughening them up, but right now blisters will onoy one problem.

    2. Kunkmeister is correct. His feet are sensitive and tearing a pad or getting blisters would be bad. They’ strengthen naturally even with the boots, but at a slower rate.

  2. She’s trolling him.

  3. And it’s working! 🙂

    Next she’ll teach Vincent to ‘walk on water’. 😉

  4. It now being December 25th, I hope that all will have a safe, health and joyous Christmas!!

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