Vincent and Filaire 3

4 thoughts on “Vincent and Filaire 3

  1. That’s one fine-lookin’ wo- uuh.. vixen there! 🙂

    1. That’s kind of funny as it reminded of a scene from the Gate Of Gods light novel. The MC had just defeated a female demon beast in her human form (as beasts that cultivate a high enough level can assume a human form) and as he loves to troll his enemies starts to call her a woman then stops himself and states that that’s not accurate and he should properly call her a female animal instead. Of course she’s furious about it but can’t say anything about it.

      1. “Now that’s funny; I don’t care who ya are!” 🙂

        1. It gets funnier later on as the leader of the demon beasts is a white-furred nine-tailed demon fox who never appears in her beast form, apparently abhoring looking anything but human. The MC trolls her so bad that despite her being a coldly logical and icy demon fox she starts shifting into her transitional form as she can’t remain in control of herself because of his provocation.

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