Vincent and Filaire, the comic that follows Vincent and Filaire after the events in Darius IS currently updating, but only on Patreon and Kickstarter (the ended one).  It is in full color and going up at a page a week on Patreon and you can follow it for as little as $1 a month!  Consider joining!  It supports the comics, gets you early updates (most of the time, sometimes I get swamped by real life), and encourages me to get things out for the regular site on time on top of all of that.  Currently, Patreon covers four weeks of groceries, gas, site payment, and other misc things.  The more there is, the more relaxed I am!  Patreon has made a HUGE difference.  I’m trying to get it up to $1,000 a month by next year so we can make progress on other things.


– Tiff