Draco Vulpes 3 – 15

11 thoughts on “Draco Vulpes 3 – 15

  1. Aha, so he is a cryptozoologist, eh? Looking for El Chupacabra or Sasquatsh? And then he gets lost one mile from his house wandering in the dark? How likely is that? But, there ARE weird people on this world.

    1. I still think he’s in the AMIB and handles the “M” part more than the “A” part.

    2. He hasn’t been camped there for that long and got carried away wandering around in a new place. 😀

  2. MAybe he knows some of the formchangers. Is that why he is looking at the feet? He IS looking at the feet, right?

    1. We can say that. I made an error. He was in the process of kneeling to be more at her level while talking.

  3. She has her priorities straight.

    And of course I would be looking at her feet….

  4. Dude if she had a human form don’t you think she’d be using it so as not to expose herself to humans?

  5. There are no supernatural animals. Just new animals.

  6. Smitty Werbenjagermanjenson

    This ain’t Utah. Not nuff mountains, too many trees.

    1. Matches the pictures I used to reference this particular area. 😀 I actually assumed there would be less trees, but not in this area.

    2. OH yeah, this area is at the edge of farmland and they planted a lot of trees to prevent erosion and just to look nice. 😉 You’ll notice most of the trees are set further back and there aren’t thick stands of them. Most of the area is just flat and rocky with scrub.

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