Draco Vulpes 4 – 15

6 thoughts on “Draco Vulpes 4 – 15

  1. Blue?

    SMURF The Other Blue Meat!

    1. “Blue” is a degree distinction from Very Rare. Think of Raw as Steak Tartar, and Very rare as a reddish rare. “Blue” is between those two. It’s not raw, but it’s much less cooked than Very Rare. And, yes, it is safe to eat that way if it is handled and prepared according to all meat safety laws. Meaning, if you go anywhere without meat safety laws, you shouldn’t eat meat less than medium rare.

  2. In german, if you want your steak rare you order it ‘English’.

    1. That’s funny, as many people here get skittish at ‘bloody’ beef. Medium or medium rare is probably more common. I think I know one guy who ordered blue.
      Now the French like their beef rare. My dad’s face at his beef in a posh restaurant in France…..

      1. Heh. My dad once (in times before the internet became commonly available) tried to order a rare steak in a fancy restaurant in the UK. The waiters rather indignate response:

        ALL our steaks are english

  3. In germany you get minced pork. Good spiced with salt and pepper and mixed with chopped onion. Most common on a sandwich. I am sure many would find that disgusting.

    Rare or blue steak is not so common. More medium with a bit reddish in the middle.

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