Draco Vulpes 7 – 15

5 thoughts on “Draco Vulpes 7 – 15

  1. Werewolves of some fashion? They don’t look like Cil hybrids or Cyantians. Interesting :O

  2. I wonder if werewolves are proto cyantians

    1. The current Cyantians are the descendants of Terran animals “uplifted” by aliens trying to make the perfect slave.

      1. Cannonfodder10503

        So? It’s quite possible that some of the prototypes escaped or were released. The Cyantians created by the Ramuh were made by modifying animals with human DNA. Some trial and error is expected. The werewolves look to be wolves modified for sentient intelligence with opposable paws.

  3. “Good news, Honey! I found us a babysitter!!”

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