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  1. Will there be more? I just found this comic and like it. I would like to see a lot more. So many good comics just stop, too many. The story line is very good. Please start this story again.

  2. I just found this comic and think it’s great. Will it be continued?

  3. I wanna know what series was before this one cause i’m missing alot here XD
    comic starts and they’re already on the mars.. i wanna know how they go there.

  4. When comes the rest? You can impossibly abandon it like that!

  5. come on tiff, you said fall, I like this story a lot and I’d appreciate it if you’d continue it! Also, will the Cyantian Chronicles lead up to this story?

  6. And when I can afford to pay the artist it will, but not while I’m a month behind in some of my bills.

  7. Come on guys, give her a break! It takes time and money and energy and sanity to keep so many web comics up and running! Tiff is doing the best she can with what she’s got. If you really want her to continue the story, donate! I know I would if I had the money! Let her do it at her own pace, read the other comics, find some more by different artists, read those, keep this one bookmarked or favorited or what have you, and just keep checking on it every now and then like I do with about forty different discontinued web comics. Patience young ones, patience!

  8. You know what I love about your comics? I can sit back and think that reading over a thousand comics wasn’t a waste of my time. I’ve read too many webcomics that I felt were just a complete waste of my time, Cyantian Chronicles is another story. I love all of Cyantian Chronicles, the side stories, prehistories, origins, the main stuff…just the whole thing. It’s a massive world of it’s own if not its’ own universe. Words cannot express the awesome.

    I look forward to more no angel.

  9. please continue this one and Gralen cragg hall again i just found them and i’m already captivated plz oh plz oh plz
    when r they gonna start again

  10. I feel the same way, draccy, I can’t wait until there is more.

    Keep up the good work Mrs. Ross!

  11. Tiff, it is Autumn here in Australia. Does that mean you will be updating this great comic again soon? 😉 Just kidding! I know you are busy. Keep up the wonderful work.

  12. Another great Cyantian comic ^^
    I’m glad your not rushing to finish any of the uncomplete comics as they’re so good I wouldnt want to see them done at pace. I’m patiently waiting for when your unfinished works are focused on again.
    Love it all so far 🙂

  13. as someone who keeps up with over 400+ webcomics… this one is one of my favorites. I’ve been revisiting to see if it’s started back up for years now. I really hope you continue this comic, it is my favorite out of all of your comics. =^-^=

  14. When you pick up on this one again Tiff. Just how much you’ve improved is really going to show. ^.^ Keep up the good work, you’re doing an amazing job

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