Campus Safari Upcoming Cameo Opportunities

1/11/2015: I am scripting a bar scene at the moment, yes, an actual scene in a place that serves alcoholic beverages of the Cyantian variety.  😀  I could use some background characters for the bar. 😀

Update edit:  Spot is now taken.  I am adding a more involved role to involve Quinn.  The interaction will depend on your character’s personality and the slot is $100.  It is also a slot that can be ‘bid’ upon.  Please keep to the usual rules.  I don’t do stuff beyond a PG-13 level.  If you WANT this slot, please comment in the comments that you do and the bidding ends 24 hours after a bid is initially made by the timestamp on the posts to make it easy.  This slot is open for flirtations/pranking/complete chaos/or ill advised trapping of Quinn.  Please ask if you have any questions about how your character will fit.


It’s one of those few times when I open up for cameos in the comics!  I should do it more often to force me to do crowd scenes, but I keep forgetting to do it.  In this case, these are for Campus Safari and I’m writing the scripts now that will begin going up in November.


I am going to open up cameos for this segment of Campus Safari now that takes place in an Australian base!  My preference is as many Australian themed anthro characters as possible, but I’m open to others as well.


Slot pricing


Single minor background characters – $10, but you can appear more if you add more.  Guarantees you can be spotted in 2-3 backgrounds.

Major background character – $20 – Non speaking, but you get to interact with the primary characters, so you’ll be in a more prominent position

(2)Speaking character – $30, but more dialogue with a higher price.  Guarantees at least one line, plus viewed in the backgrounds several times.


I will close this when I have filled the pages.

Use the paypal button to grab a slot.  Tell me your character’s name, what they are, who they are.  This doesn’t have to be detailed.  An image of your character would be very helpful, but not necessary!  Give me the name you want credited to it.  I will be adding this information to the actual page, since I tend not to remember who it is years afterward. :/


I’ll update this notice if more parts open up.  I’ll be putting in the character names and species as they come in.


  • Tiff


Minor Character Slots

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  5. Open
  6. Open
  7. Open
  8. Open
  9. Open
  10. Open


Major Background Character Slot

  1. Argon – Blue-tongue Skink – Male
  2. Nevix – Skunk
  3. open
  4. open
  5. open

Speaking parts

  1. Sodi – fire skink – Female
  2. Osceola – Panther – Female
  3. Shaz – Female Spectacled Flying Fox


Major Speaking/Interactive Parts with Quinn

  1.  Aragh – Wolf – $100 slot – Mischief of some sort with Quinn, depending on your character’s persnality, either a target, an accomplice or something else.