I have a few Digital Spots:

  1. Silowyi – Offline
  2. Gavin – Private

I have 2 Traditional Spots:

  1. Talin – Snow Leopard
  2. Talin – Lynx

Commission Rates – ALL prices are base prices and can go up depending on what you want.  ALL pieces are done either 9 x 12 or 10 x 10 at 300 DPI.  Icons are 4 x 4 at 300 DPI.  You will receive the original psd file or clip studio file if requested, a printable tif and a jpg for sharing. .jpg will have my copyright info on it.  If you would like yours on it too, please let me know the name you want to use and a website if you want!  Prices are for art for your personal use, not commercial use.  All commissions may be turned into prints or submitted to publications (I only do NAF right now), or used on/in Shivae Studios products.  Prices are double if you don’t want to allow this.  I don’t mind!

Examples: Furaffinity // Deviantart // Weasyl

  • $50+ Commissions1 2 3
  • $100 Commissions – Coming Soon
  • Traditional 8 x 10 Inks – $35 — 1 2 3 4 5

Things to keep in mind:

There’s a $5 charge for more complex props or designs!!
References to your character are awesome!

Summarize your character, do not give me huge amounts of text to read, because I will not catch everything.

You can send me a message via email, Twitter, or Discord, but commission info must go to my email in the end.

 shivae dotdotremove1dot studios at shivae dot net

Things I need: NAME

Species, build, masculine/feminine traits, hair style, length, color, eye color, facial details, personality, what you want them to be posed doing or interacting with an object, skin/fur color, jewelry, clothing, footwear.

Please note that I do not do NSFW or controversial art.  I have zero interest in making people angry and sometimes I do get requests with content intended to trigger others.  I’m not into that.  Artistic nudes are fine, but I’m not showing anything. I’m not comfortable with it.  I doubt I would get any of these requests, but will not do subject matter that’s overly suggestive, violent, or hateful.  I reserve the right to turn down a commission.  Please do not take it personally, I just won’t be doing any kind of content that’s outside of what I already show in my comics/art.